“Bringing Lara on board as a fundraising assistant was one of the best decisions I made last year. She is bright, articulate, and committed to meeting or exceeding expectations. Lara did not take long to get up to speed with our organization’s mission and “personality”. She takes feedback well, and consistently uses it to become better at what she does. Her excellent communication skills and strong work ethic have, quite literally, added much value to our organization.”
-Luma Mufleh, Founder and President of Fugees Family

“Lara has been a tremendous addition to my team – her enthusiasm, coupled with her strong research and writing skills, are invaluable.”
– Elise Eplan, The Eplan Group

“I am impressed with Lara’s strategy, research, writing and presentation skills.  On projects for me, she has clarified the question, conducted internet research, organized the findings, produced a well-written report, and presented it clearly and persuasively.  Those are great strengths to bring to any team.”
– Pam Sugarman, Sugarman Consulting

“We relied on her research skills to develop lists of candidates with wide ranging skill sets for multiple searches. She enjoyed thinking outside the box and coming up with different areas in which to seek candidates.  She also was helpful in updating the firm’s online presence and suggesting how we should increase our visibility. Her positive attitude makes her a delight to work with.”
– Cydnee Dubrof, The Dubrof Group

“As Aristotle said, ‘Excellence is a habit.’ I would say furthermore that excellence is made constant through the feeling that comes right after one has completed a work which he himself finds undeniably awe-inspiring.” Criss Jami