Lara Wagner, President of Skylight Consulting, can help you shed light on your organization’s measurable goals and reach its maximum potential. Serving nonprofit organizations and consultants specializing in the nonprofit sector, Skylight provides expert solutions for your needs:


Skylight Consulting can bring strength to your organization or business through measurement with either focused assessments or long-range studies. Working closely with clients, Lara has executed evaluation projects that variety in size and scope in addition to utilizing participatory evaluation methods in both the United States and Asia. Skylight can help build your evaluation from the bottom up, identifying the best questions to ask and the most effective collection methods to use, to ensure that your evaluation is poised to help bring funding and clarity to your projects.


Skylight Consulting uses a strong background in participatory analysis, gained through years of direct service provision, to help your organization deliver the most effective services and position itself as the most marketable organization in the field. Using knowledge of program construction, brand research, tactical social media and organizational assessment Skylight will work with your organization to fine tune services and position itself in the marketplace for maximum appeal and effectiveness.


Skylight Consulting has guided clients throughout the fundraising process, starting with research for start-up grants to writing large wraparound grants that were ultimately awarded. Notably Skylight helped a school for refugee youth exceed its financial goal in its first year of utilizing the GA Private School Tax Credit Program. Lara has a rich background in both research and formal and informal writing in addition to a certification from the Emory University Grant Writing course making her a seasoned and capable fundraiser for your organization.

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.